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84 Disinfection Water Maker Electrolytic Generator Liquid Ma

- PONUKA - 2020-06-06 11:14:22
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84 Disinfection Water Maker Electrolytic Generator Liquid Manufacturing Model Number: CN-302A Description: 1. Weight: 350 g 2. Material: PC 3. Capacity: 300 ml 4. Size: 24.8 x 7.5 cm 5. Voltage: 5 V 6. Power: 7W 7. Power Supply: USB Features: 1. Decomposes water and table salt into ions with disinfection effect by using electrolytic water technology. 2. In addition to a disinfectant maker, it is also a disinfectant dispenser. The built-in spray nozzle can be used to disinfect the surface of the object. 3. It is made of high PC material. Thick, solid and more durable with beautiful and elegant design. 4. Anti scale, corrosion resistance, heat-resistance, odor-less 5. It is suitable for family, hotel, office building, can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, restroom, etc. How to use: Add water and salt to the maker and start with one click. After 8min, the disinfection solution is made, spray it evenly on the surface. The wipe it to clean. Whatsapp: 008615919820731 Email: Website:
Meno:Amy Chen
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